Greetings cake searcher, and welcome to the Red Barn Bakery!

Thank you for the visit, and consideration to bake and decorate your next cake.


Please email  with your celebration date to ensure we have openings in our schedule. Enjoy !


 We are located in Rochester Minnesota and home to one of the smallest cake shops in town. We specialize in custom made to order cakes, and give them the attention they deserve. Our ovens are in our third stall garage that is also inspected and licensed by the Department of Agriculture.  


This husband and wife team has been collaborating since 2017. Our current project is the launch of our Mobile Vending Unit. This gem is getting its approved licenses and will be out to greet you this summer. Check back for dates and locations.


 We don't make custom cakes in advance.  They're only made to order, unless you find our Mobile Vending Unit.