We get it - Weddings are hard to organize.  But your cake doesn't have to be!  We'll walk you through the process of ordering your wedding cake and take the guesswork out of it.  You've got enough to worry about.  We'll take care of the cake!

Planning (4-6 months prior)

This is the time when you should start solidifying the details: 

How many people do you think will come?  

Where will you have the ceremony/reception?

Do the venues limit you on your choice of caterers/bakers?

Do you have any ideas on your cake?  If you see anything you like on the internet or in a magazine, hang on to it for inspiration.


This is a good time to schedule a consultation.  Please keep in mind that since we're a small bakery, we're very limited on how many weddings we can serve on a given day.

Placing your order (1-3 months prior)

Between the 1 and 3 month mark, you should come in for a consultation.  At this point, we'll give you some samples of our cake and frosting flavors, and we'll go over the details of the structure and design.


A deposit of $200 will be necessary to reserve your wedding day. 

If your cake has reusable elements, you will get your deposit back when they are returned. 

If your cake does not have reusable elements, this deposit will be applied to your final payment.  

Deposits are nonrefundable if you cancel your order (nothing personal, but we're turning down other orders to give you our full attention).


Payment in full is required at least two weeks prior to the wedding day. 

Designs and Pricing

Every wedding cake is unique!  Unfortunately, this means that we can't give you a 100% accurate price estimate on something as impersonal as a website.  But we can tell you some of the factors that go into the design and price:

(please note: prices are subject to change)


The structure and size of the cake is the single biggest factor in determining the final price.  A multi-tier stacked cake starts at roughly $4 per serving for our basic chocolate and white cake flavors. 


6" diameter tier serves about 12

8" diameter tier serves about 24  

10" diameter tier serves about 38

12" diameter tier serves about 56


Internal supports:  Inside the cake, there are structural supports to hold up the upper tiers.  To keep prices down, we use a reusable support system to hold everything up.  This gets returned to us in order to get your deposit back.  We also offer the option of using disposable supports for an additional fee (your deposit is then applied to the final cost). 


If there is a particularly large guest list, couples can save money by serving a double-layer sheet cake along with stack (starting at $1.50 per serving)


1/4 double sheet serves approx. 40

1/2 double sheet serves approx. 80


Buttercream (Included standard): Our homemade buttercream is sure to please!  It is light and delicious and allows for a wide variety of decorations.  It is even capable of being smoothed out to offer a surface rivaling fondant.  The vast majority of cakes you see on our site have a buttercream surface.


Fondant (add $3 per serving): This sugar dough is rolled out and applied to a buttercream surface to give your wedding cake a soft, flawless look.  


Italian Meringue Buttercream (add $2 per serving): This version of buttercream is made with whipped egg whites, giving it a much lighter and smoother consistency than a standard buttercream, but that also makes the cake more sensitive to temperature.  The light consistency also prevents complex decorations and fondant surfacing.


Included in the price are basic decorations.  We'll give your cake a simple elegance and let the flavor steal the show.  Additional decorations such as fondant flowers (pictured), figures, complex texturing, and airbrushing are available for an additional fee. 


We'll deliver your cake for free to any Rochester, MN address.


For the rest of Olmsted County, MN, delivery is $10.


Outside of Olmsted County, the delivery charge is $1/mile, as calculated by Google Maps. 


Your delivery will include your cake (obviously), any rented serving/display equipment, a box for the top tier (if you're planning on saving it), and detailed instructions for cutting/serving/storing the cake, as well as a list of all items that need to be returned.