FAQs and other things

When will you be open for orders?

We're now taking orders!


Please note that placing an order is the only way to get a cake from us.  We don't bake cakes "To whom it may concern", and then let them sit in a case.  We bake cakes just for you.  Because our cakes are made to order, please place your order at least 1 week in advance (larger cakes may need more time). 



Do you make gluten free/vegan cakes?

We're unable to do vegan cakes, as eggs are an essential ingredient in our recipes.


We are able to do gluten free cakes and cupcakes on request, however, we are not able to stack gluten free cakes as they are more structurally fragile.

Do you deliver?

Pictured: Not our delivery vehicle
Pictured: Not our delivery vehicle

Yes!  We deliver any of our cakes and cupcakes for free to any Rochester, MN address.


For the rest of Olmsted County, MN, delivery is $10.


Outside of Olmsted County, the delivery charge is $1/mile, as calculated by Google Maps.

[ insert grocery store here ] is cheaper.  Why is that?

Yes, you can get cake for a better price.  But you can't get better cake for a better price.  Since we make our cakes to order, we don't get the cost savings of mass-production, but we do get great freshness.  Plus, we don't skimp on the quality of the ingredients.  Rather than imitation vanilla, we use imported Mexican vanilla from USDA certified sources.  And our strawberry frosting, for example, comes into our kitchen as whole strawberries (locally sourced when seasonally available).  While these details do add to the production cost, the resulting cakes are phenomenal.

What does this picture have to do with cakes?

Absolutely nothing.  It's just a random stock image.

What kind of allergens do I need to worry about?

Our facility is now 100% nut-free, except for the general manager and the baker.  That joke will never get old.  Our cakes also contain eggs and flour.  If you're concerned about these or other allergens, give us a call and we can discuss whether or not we can accommodate your order.

Can you make a cake with [insert copyrighted material here]?

Technically, we cannot make a cake with a copyrighted image.  However, we can purchase copyrighted images from licensed vendors and apply them to the cake.  In that case, we'll buy the decoration and add it to the cake, and the cost of the decoration is added to the bill (typically $10-$15 for a basic decoration).  If you want to bring in a decoration for us to use, it must be sealed in its original packaging (if edible) or durable enough to be sanitized (if non-edible).

Why does your bakery look like a house?

Well, the short answer is "because it is a house."

The not-so-short answer is that our bakery is a home business, but in order to provide the best possible cakes, we installed a full scale commercial grade kitchen in it, separate from the rest of the house (this surprised a lot of the contractors building it).  Our bakery is fully licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, just like every other bakery in town, and complies with all applicable state health codes.